A quick review on Peqish because I found this in my drafts from 2 months ago, a more detailed one will come up later because I keep going back but this will have to do until then. Peqish is a relatively new restaurant/ food shop located in Downtown near Pacific Centre. They focus a lot on healthy eating and everything is freshly made in small batches at their store. They only make new batches when the item sells out and you can see how fresh their products actually are. This was just a review of a lunch that I bought 2… months… ago…

Ginger Berry Chia H20: organic chia, ginger, berry juice ($2.99)imageThis was a relatively small cup for what it’s worth but I enjoyed drinking it. It wasn’t too sweet and you can taste the ginger very nicely in it. Having the chia seeds in there made it seem like a tinier healthier version of bubble tea and that made the Asian in me very happy.

imageThis is my new favourite sandwich. The chicken was well seasoned and moist. The cranberry added a hint of sweetness and made the sandwich more moist. The veggies were still fresh, no surprise, and gave that crispy texture that a packed sandwich like so needed. LOOK AT ALL THAT MEAT. And it tasted healthy too which I’m pretty sure it was. The bread had flax seeds in it and it was a very good sandwich.

Peqish on Urbanspoon


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